Collection: Seed Balls Made Using Shorter Variety Wildflower Seeds, Ideal for Balconies, Planters & Window Boxes

Our combination of shorter flower varieties contains seeds which are designed to be ideally suited to growing on your balcony, in a planter or a window box. This mix contains:

• Myosotis (“Forget Me Nots”) 
• Love-in-a-Mist (“Nigella Damascene” or “Devil in the Bush”) 
• California Poppy (“Eschscholzia Californica” “Golden Poppy”) 
• Red, White & Blue Poppies 
• Aquilegia (“Granny’s Bonnet” or “Columbine”) 
• Guizotia Abyssinica (“Niger” plant or “Thisle” seed)
• Blanket Flower (“Gaillardia”)