"NEW MEMORIAL PRODUCT: ASHES TO BLOOMS" - Freeman Brothers Funeral Directors' Blog, 16/08/23

"NEW MEMORIAL PRODUCT: ASHES TO BLOOMS" - Freeman Brothers Funeral Directors' Blog, 16/08/23

Freeman Brothers was first established as a funeral director in Horsham, West Sussex, in 1855. The company now has a further three offices across the county – in Billingshurst, Crawley and Hurstpierpoint – and continues to serve those in the local area with dignity and compassion. The team also provides various other products to customers, including a wide range of ashes keepsakes. Today, Community Co-Ordinator, Becky, shares details of the latest available option.

As part of our aim to provide the highest level of customer service, we’re always on the lookout for new items to share, and I’m delighted to have another product to update you on.

Ashes to Blooms is another Sussex-based company, owned and run by a family in Worthing. They produce wildflower memorials in the form of seed balls, incorporating cremated remains of humans or animals. The idea came when the company’s owners experienced personal loss – initially of their beloved rabbit, Lucy, and then of David’s brother, Andrew – and couldn’t find anything that quite fit their expectations for how to memorialise their pet.

With a desire to create something that assisted with rewilding, and also offered a sustainable option, David experimented with seed balls and found the perfect product. We’ve been kindly sent some samples at Freeman Brothers, and are all impressed by both the seeds and their packaging.

Each set comes in a sturdy cardboard box, with the seed balls themselves in a plain cotton bag. There are full instructions provided – on recyclable materials, of course – plus a lovely card. Details explain how the seeds are best planted, and the balls last for up to a year, so if it’s not the right time either emotionally or chronologically when you receive your seeds, they can be kept for a little while.

For those without access to a full garden space, a special mix has been created of shorter-stemmed flowers and plants. These can be planted in a tub or basket, and this may actually be a more suitable option for some people – this would also mean that your plants could be taken with you should you move house.

Ashes to Blooms only requires a portion of ashes to create seed balls, so many people will be able to have seed balls created by them in addition to other keepsakes or storage options should they wish. Flowers included are a wide variety, from poppies and yellow tansy to forget me nots and blue lupin.

Gardens and outdoor environments are often popular places to memorialise loved ones. It may be that someone appreciated a particular view, or a pet had a favourite place to sit, and that you’d like to mark the spot in order to remember them. Flowers and plants are a special way to do this, and seed balls are an ideal option for hosting a small ceremony, whilst also offering an activity that people of all ages can engage with. Use of seed balls by younger children is advised with caution, however the ingredients have been carefully selected – no chemicals are involved, and chilli is added in order to deter other wildlife from consuming the seeds before they have had the chance to take root and bloom.

The company ensures that all items are safely delivered by using tracked services when posting, and takes great care to support the bereaved in receiving products which meet their needs.

Samples are available to see in each of our offices, and orders can be placed via Freeman Brothers. If you would like us to handle splitting out an appropriate portion of cremated remains on your behalf, we are happy to help with this. For more information, please contact us.

Written by Becky Hughes - Community Co-Ordinator

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