Wildflower Memorial FAQs

I am ordering more than one bag of seed balls - may I send more than 50g of ashes?

Unfortunately, Royal Mail only allows packages of up to 50g of ashes to be sent via their network. Therefore, however many bags of seed balls you order, you may only send us 50g of ashes. For more details, see our Posting ashes - what are the rules? page.

What sorts of wildflowers do you use in your seed balls?

We use a unique combination of 21 varieties of UK native wildflowers (or seven varieties in the shorter wildflower variety mix). As a result, they are suited to the British climate & are ideal to support bees, butterflies & other insects. If you would like to choose you own mix, however, please contact us.

Are cremated ashes compatible with growing flowers? 

Yes! Cremated ashes (whether a beloved person or a special pet) contain many nutrients which are perfect for helping wildflowers to grow. The ashes do also contain high levels of sodium/salt, however, which can be damaging to wildflower growth, in high concentrations. For this reason, we suggest no more than 50g of ashes per order of seed balls. We also use peat-free compost to create the best pH for wildflower growth. Watering your seed balls/the growing wildflowers will also help to flush away the sodium/salt. 

What if my wildflowers don't grow?

As above, we use a mixture of 21 varieties of UK native wildflower seeds. This means that they are suited to growing in this climate, and gives them the best chance of success. Further, we have chosen seeds which are suited to a range of different conditions (e.g. drier, damper, sunnier, shadier, sandy, chalky etc), and so whatever the destination of your seed balls, a wide range of flower types should grow. Due to the huge range of variables, however, we are never able to guarantee the success of wildflower growth.

What if my loved ones or I don't have a garden?

Our seed balls can be spread in your garden, in a place which was special to your loved one, or planted in a planter on your balcony, windowsill or other similar place. 

We have now developed a special mix which contains seven shorter wildflower variety seeds, which you can view here. This mix is ideal for planting on balconies, in planters & window boxes.

If using a planter, just make sure that it provides good drainage, to ensure that the soil does not become waterlogged. 

Can I order multiple bags of seed balls, to send to friends & family?

Yes! We can produce as many bags of seed balls as you & your loved ones need. Just choose the appropriate number, when ordering from our Shop page.

How should I store my seed balls?

We recommend planting your seed balls within 12 months of receipt, to get the best out of them. If not planting them immediately, please store in a cool (not cold), dry, dark place e.g. the back of a cupboard. It is important to avoid moisture, as well as extremes of temperature (e.g. from the sun, radiators, or from frost).

What if I don't want to plant my seed balls right away?

As above, it is absolutely fine to keep your seed balls for 12 months before you plant them. For best results, however, please follow the above advice.

How many seed balls are in each bag?

Unless you make a specific request, there will be at least 10 seed balls in each bag. As these are natural products, however, and produced by hand, this will sometimes result in a few extra seed balls. You will, however, always receive the minimum number of seed balls you have ordered.

Can I choose the varieties of flowers for my seed balls?

Yes! We are happy to work with you to get the right wildflowers for your seedballs. Please see the Special Requests page for more information. Please note, prices may vary, depending on the options chosen.

What are “seed balls, "seed bombs", "bee bombs"? 

Seed balls can be made out of a range of ingredients, but always contain seeds. Our seed balls contain a unique combination of British wildflower seeds, chilli powder (to keep birds & insects away during growth), clay & peat-free compost (to ensure an appropriate pH level for ideal growth), to create bespoke seed balls, mixed with the ashes of your loved one (whether beloved person or special pet). By spreading our seed balls, you are helping to restore biodiversity. 

How are our seed balls different from others? 

We combine the ashes of your loved one (whether beloved person or special pet) with our unique seed ball recipe, to create bespoke seed balls, for you. As well as helping biodiversity, the scattering of the seed balls allows you to create a wildflower memorial to your loved one. 

How long will it take for my seed balls to arrive?  

After placing your order:

  • We will send you a postal pack, with everything you will need to send your loved one's ashes to us
  • Send us up to 50g of your loved one's ashes, using the postal pack we send you; see the Posting ashes - what are the rules? page of our website for full details; we recommend using a Royal Mail tracked & signed-for delivery service (e.g. Special Delivery)
  • If you have asked us to collect your loved one’s ashes from you, we will aim to be in contact with you, within 24 hours of your order

We aim to create your products within 7 days of receiving your loved one’s ashes, and will then post the seed balls to you using a Royal Mail tracked & signed-for service. If you need a faster service, please contact us, before ordering. 

How do I get the best out of my seed balls?  

1. Soak seed balls in warm water for 10 minutes 

2. Scatter seed balls onto loose soil (ideally during Spring, when the hard frosts have passed, and in a sunny spot, if possible) 

3. For extra protection of your flowers, place chicken wire over the area (if possible) 

4. Water regularly

5. Watch your beautiful wildflower memorial grow! 

Can I send ashes in the post?

Yes! See our "Posting Ashes - What are the rules?" page. 

Where can I spread the seed bombs?  

See our "Scattering Ashes - What are the rules?" page. 

Refund Policy

Unfortunately, as each product is made-to-order, using the ashes of your loved one, we are unable to offer refunds unless there is a problem with the product. In the event of any problem, please get in touch with us & we will work with you to try & resolve it. Please see our policies on our Home Page.

What if my loved one's ashes are lost in the post? 

We recommend using a tracked & signed-for service, from the Royal Mail. Special Delivery would be one such service. We will always use a Royal Mail tracked & signed-for service, when sending seed balls to you. We also offer a collection & delivery service - see the "Posting Ashes - What are the rules?" page of our site. 

We recommend that you retain some of your loved one’s ashes (when posting their ashes to us), in case there is any problem with the post. When you scatter your seed balls, you can scatter these extra ashes, too.  

In the event that your loved one’s ashes are lost in the mail system, we will work with you & the delivery service to try & recover these. Please note, however, that we cannot accept liability for any ashes/products, lost in the postal system. 

Are our services suitable for human & pet ashes? 

Yes! We believe that all loved ones deserve to have a beautiful resting place, whether beloved person or special pet. Whether human or animal, we will treat your loved one's ashes with care & respect, as if they were a member of our own family. Let us help you to create a wildflower memorial for your loved one. 

Special Requests

Please see our "Special Requests" page. 

What are the seed balls made from? 

Our unique combination of wildflower seeds, chilli powder (to keep birds & insects away during growth), clay, peat-free compost (to ensure an appropriate pH level for ideal growth), mixed with 50g of your loved one’s (whether a beloved person or a special pet) ashes. 


Please note, the success of the wildflowers is dependent on conditions, and successful growth therefore cannot be guaranteed. 


Remember – small objects (including seed balls) can represent a choking hazard, especially to babies & young children! 

Terms & Conditions 

Our Terms & Conditions apply to any order placed with us. Please see our policies in on our Home Page.

Other Questions

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.