Scattering Ashes - What Are The Rules?

According to the Government’s website (as of June 2022), you do not need permission to scatter human ashes [such as our seed balls, containing your loved one’s ashes] if you own the land, and there is no need to make a formal record of doing so. If you wish to scatter human ashes on someone else’s land, you should first obtain permission from the land’s owner.

In particular, the Government's website says:  

You do not need permission to scatter ashes from a single cremation on your own land, or make any formal record of doing so. You should seek permission from the landowner if you want to scatter ashes on someone else’s land. If you scatter ashes across surface water you should: make sure the effect on the environment and wildlife is minimal and not affect other watercourse users not include casting wreaths or memorabilia as they may harm the environment and wildlife. ”   

Please note that the above represents our understanding of the current rules in England & Wales, and does not constitute legal advice. We would always recommend that clients check the up-to-date rules, before spreading their seed balls. 

Please note, the success of the wildflowers is dependent on conditions, and successful growth therefore cannot be guaranteed. Remember – small objects (including seed balls) can represent a choking hazard, especially to babies & young children!