About Our Wildflower Seed Balls

Our wildflower memorial seed balls are produced by our family business, individually, by-hand, close to the South Downs. The method of production allows us to provide you with the bespoke service that you & your loved one deserve. We don’t produce anything in “batches”; we treat each order individually & it receives our undivided attention. 

Our wildflower memorial seedballs combine approximately 50g of your loved one's ashes with a variety of ingredients to ensure your seedballs have the optimum nutrition to grow into a beautiful floral tribute:

  • A mixture of native wildflower seeds to represent love, loss and remembrance including the Red Corn Poppy, Yellow Tansy, Forget Me Not, Baby's Breath and Blue Lupin
  • Chilli powder – to deter pests
  • Calcium – to regulate soil pH for ideal growth
  • Clay
  • Peat-free compost

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note, the success of the wildflowers is dependent on conditions, and successful growth therefore cannot be guaranteed. Remember – small objects (including seed balls) can represent a choking hazard, especially to babies & young children!