"Wildflower Pet Memorials" - Vet Record (published by the British Veterinary Association), August 2022

"Wildflower Pet Memorials" - Vet Record (published by the British Veterinary Association), August 2022

Pet owners can now create a wildflower memorial to their pets. Ashes to Blooms is a new Sussex-based company set up by David Holmes who says he came up with the idea after the death of his pet rabbit, Lucy.

The company makes wildflower seed balls that include pet’s ashes to grow floral memorials.

Holmes said: ‘We take the ashes of special pets and combine them with native wildflower seeds and other natural ingredients to create bespoke seed balls that can be scattered in a special place.’

The balls contain wildflower seeds, chilli powder (to keep pests away), calcium (to ensure an appropriate pH level for ideal growth), a pet’s ashes, clay and peat-free compost, he says. As a bespoke service, each pack of seed balls is made by hand and packed individually in cotton bags that contain five or more balls. The packs come with a set of instructions, as the success of growing wildflowers depends on the conditions they are placed in.

Orders can be made through the company’s website, where special requests can be added (for example, specific flower colours, seed varieties, packaging materials, different product quantities and so on).

Royal Mail says that up to 50 g of ashes can be posted through its service and that they must be placed in a leak-proof container and securely closed. 

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