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Ashes to Blooms

Sustainable Wildflower Memorial Favours (contain no ashes)

Sustainable Wildflower Memorial Favours (contain no ashes)

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The Sussex Seed Balls Sustainable Memorial Favours are perfect for your special memorial event.

Sussex Seed Balls Sustainable Memorial Favours

A beautiful & floral box containing two hand-made wildflower seed balls for your guest to take home with them (contains no ashes). They can then plant these in their garden between March & November, in a planter or in a window box, and remember the one who has passed, as their wildflowers grow.

The balls contain a mixture of UK native wildflower seeds, perfectly at home in our British climate, and specifically chosen to attract bees & butterflies. They also contain peat-free compost, clay powder & chilli powder (to keeps birds & insects away, until the flowers have grown). That's it; no chemicals & no unnecessary ingredients.

The boxes have full planting instructions on them & may be recycled after use, or even reused; it's up to you.


For that extra special touch, your favours can be personalised with a name, image, &/or date of event. We have two options for personalisation:

1) Your details will be printed on sustainable & matching labels, which will then be carefully applied to the product.

2) We will order bespoke boxes, with your personalisation information printed onto the boxes.

If you would like to choose one of the personalisation options, simply add the required option, as well as the required number of seed ball boxes.

Flower Varieties

This is a UK native wildflower variety mix to be planted between March & November. It is suitable for all soil types, with different seed varieties in the mix, favouring different conditions. Your flowers will establish themselves in their first year, and reach their best in their second or third years, given good growing conditions. 

Please note that seed mix varieties are subject to availability & flower growth is not guaranteed. Seed mix will cover approximately 1m2 per ball.

Lady's Bedstraw

Black Medick

Salad Burnet

Meadow Buttercup

Red Campion

White Campion

Wild Carrot

Night-Flowering Catchfly

Corn Chamomile

Wild Clary

Corn Cockle



Ox-Eye Daisy

Field Forget-Me-Not

Wild Foxglove


Common Knapweed

Greater Knapweed

Corn Marigold

Musk Mallow

Common Poppy

Self-Heal Common Sorrel

Common St John's-Wort


Yellow Rattle


Children should be supervised whilst using seed balls.

Wash hands after using seed balls, as they contain chilli powder (to deter bees & insects, whilst growing!).

Seed balls could be a choking hazard & should be kept away from babies, toddlers & small children.

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